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David Letterman And Bill O’Reilly Talk The View, Palin’s Prospects, And Whether Or Not We Can Still Blame Bush

Bill O’Reilly had just a run of friendly debates with other media greats last night. In addition to talking lesbians with Barbara Walters, he talked Barbara Walters with David Letterman. They also discussed Sarah Palin, Mitt Romney, and whether or not the statute of limitations on blaming Bush is over.

First, on the blow up at The View, O’Reilly got a pretty good line in when he told Letterman that he had hoped all the co-hosts had walked out because then he would have had 45 free minutes on ABC to pimp his book. After that he told Letterman that he would vote for Romney if he was the Republican candidate in 2012. Next came Palin talk and, unsurprisingly, this is when the debating began.

Letterman tried to get O’Reilly to admit that he didn’t think Palin would actually run, but the Fox News host didn’t bite. After that, the talk turned to President Obama with Letterman suggested that Obama would be reelected because he was a wartime president stuck in a war he didn’t make but O’Reilly claimed it was too late to make that defense, saying that many people are worse off now than during the Bush years. Letterman laughed and compared that to a person bleeding to death from a past cut.

While they both seemed to be having a good time, there was nothing they could really agree on. Well, except for one thing: a Palin candidacy would mean great ratings for them both.

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