David Letterman Disses Jay Leno On Eve Of Conan

LettermanConan O’Brien‘s night owl cohorts weren’t shy about mentioning the redhead’s new program on their own shows yesterday, as Matt Cherette of Gawker.TV proves. He’s put together a post that compiles other talk show hosts’ reactions to Conan. The mentions are generally genial; Jon Stewart congratulates Conan before noting with mock horror that their shows air at the same time, while Craig Ferguson introduces us to a redheaded PA whose late-night career bears an eerie resemblance to Coco’s.

David Letterman, though, wasn’t quite so gentle when he gave Conan a shoutout. In a typically sarcastic move, the acerbic late night titan took Conan‘s premiere as an opportunity to lob an uppercut at his favorite punching bag: Jay Leno. Here’s what he had to say:

“We gained an hour, that’s what happened, and they slipped in another talk show. Right about now, Conan is about halfway through his first show, and everything’s going fine. Let’s see—[checks watch] yep, no signs of foul play yet.”

Ouch. Letterman followed that with a lame quip about Hillary Clinton and Brett Favre. Video of his monologue is below.

[h/t Gawker.TV]

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