David Letterman: Jay Leno Got What “He Deserved”


As a former psychologist, Dr. Phil knows exactly how to get people to open up and talk. He knows how to key in on the one subject that will allow his patient to open up the emotional floodgates and really let use. Last night, he used this ability while guesting on the Late Show. He smartly brought up the one thing guaranteed to get an entertaining rant out of David Letterman, everyone’s favorite squeaky-voiced punching bag, Jay Leno. As the Huffington Post reported, Letterman did not disappoint.

After the good doctor asked him how he got through World War II (late night talk show edition), Letterman made clear what anyone watching could tell: he absolutely loved it.

“Letterman: I loved it. I thought it was very exciting.

Dr. Phil: You were like ‘Why don’t you get over and kick the s**t out of each other. And I’ll stay here and do my show.’

Letterman: Yeah, it was great. It was great fun. And I love Jay summing the whole thing up. ‘Yeah, we both got screwed.’ And I said, wait a minute, Jay. You both got screwed but you’re the one who ended up with a show. How did you get screwed?”

Letterman was, of course, referring to a recent interview Leno gave with Joy Behar, as well as his basic attitude that he was just as much a victim of the whole affair as Conan O’Brien. However, no matter what shots Letterman got out, the real star of this segment was Dr. Phil. Not because of anything he said really, just because he was smart enough to bring up Leno in the first place. Why else would anyone care about an interview with Dr. Phil? Now clips of the talk will be posted on every blog on the internet. And he even tried to eat his cake too, defending Jay once Dave was through his rant. Letterman would have none of it though.

“Dr. Phil: [Leno] got a bum rap in this deal. I think he got a bum rap.

Letterman: He got everything he deserved.”

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