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David Paterson: If Eliot Spitzer Doesn’t Work Out ‘I’m Always There To Take His Place”

Former New York governor David Paterson called in to Don Imus‘ show, broadcast on Fox Business Network, and discussed new governor Andrew Cuomo‘s success as well as his own relationship with Eliot Spitzer, the man whose job he replaced after Spitzer was caught in… you know. That whole unpleasantness.

Paterson happens to be quite a funny guy, as evidenced by what he told Imus about not having been invited to appear on Spitzer’s CNN show, Parker Spitzer:

He hasn’t invited me on the show but I do talk to him from time to time. I thought he should have invited me on the show. The ratings are not good at that hour anyways. I think his show is very good. He is very bright, he has an opinion about everything and he expresses it well. I think he does a good show. If it doesn’t work out I am always there to take his place.


Check out Paterson’s interview, via Fox Business Network:

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