David Shuster’s Brushes With Management Extended To Time At Fox News

Now that David Shuster has been suspended indefinitely by MSNBC, it looks like he may not be back on the air for the remainder of his contract – up at the end of this year.

The pilot that led to his MSNBC demise was just the latest in a series of run-ins with management. Now Mediaite hears these extended to his time with a previous employer, Fox News.

Shuster worked at CNN from 1990-1994 and at Fox News from 1996-2002. CNN has had “no comment” about whether they plan to hire Shuster or not (they had “no comment” about whether a pilot was taped at all as well). But sources tell Mediaite the break from Fox News was not a clean one.

In mid-late 2000, we hear Shuster was accused of erasing one of the scripts (in the Avid system used at the time) of fellow FNC colleague Rita Cosby. The story was about Pres. Bill Clinton potentially being disbarred, and Cosby had the scoop.

Shuster was given a verbal warning, and in February 2002 Fox News decided not to renew his contract.

It’s that, well, competitive spirit, that could have led Shuster to film a CNN pilot without the permission or knowledge of his current employers.

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