David Swerdlick: Scaramucci May Be Sincere, But Hard to Take Him Seriously When He Used to Tout Trump’s ‘Genius’

Washington Post assistant editor and CNN commentator David Swerdlick said on CNN tonight it’s hard to take Anthony Scaramucci seriously on his criticisms of President Donald Trump when he was so pro-Trump for so long and the president’s style hasn’t exactly changed.

Scaramucci has been on a tear recently saying Trump should be replaced on the GOP 2020 ticket, and now he’s claiming he’s putting together a group of former Trump Cabinet officials to denounce the president ahead of the election.

The Situation Room panel tonight entertained the idea of “the list” Scaramucci has and how seriously they can take the Mooch.

Swerdlick said one of the problems of releasing the list is that Trump can then attack all of these people as the “losers” who “couldn’t get it done.”

“The other problem with this list,” he said, “this is a situation where — it’s being led by Anthony Scaramucci, a guy who until last year was touting the president’s genius. He said in his book the president’s was fundamentally suited, Bri, to being president. What did he observe in the last year and a half that he didn’t observe from 2015 to 2018? In that context, he may be sincere. it’s hard to take Anthony Scaramucci seriously.”

Criminal defense attorney Joey Jackson offered the alternate view that it’s possible Scaramucci’s view changed after spending so much time directly with Trump and what he saw up close.

Swerdlick responded by pointing out that Scaramucci was dumped from the White House in mid-2017 (and was still largely defending Trump on the outside afterwards).

You can watch above, via CNN.

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