David Webb Piles On CNN Analyst for ‘White Privilege’ Gaffe: She Threw ‘Her Team Under the Bus’


Conservative radio host David Webb appeare on Fox & Friends Wednesday morning to discuss his recent interview with CNN contributor Areva Martin on his conservative Sirius radio show. That interview as newsworthy as Martin erroneously called out Webb’s “white privilege” unaware that the right-of-center radio host and Fox News contributor is a black man.

This mistaken identity politics ploy quickly went viral as many on saw it as an example of irresponsibly using race to make political points. Or that was the subtext of the conversation on conservative morning show Fox & Friends.

After Webb described his background and the back and forth with Martin, co-host Ainsley Earhardt appeared to express empathy for Martin’s mistake and noted her apology.

Webb didn’t seem impressed especially since he called out Martin’s apology.

“Well, she apologized. You know, you’re caught. What do you do? So she apologized.” He then adds “But in that apology, she throws her team under the bus. First of all. Brian: She blamed her”

Webb continued “It wasn’t about accepting or not accepting. She got caught.”  He then added “I invited her back. I said let’s come back and have a longer conversation about white privilege as you see it that invitation is out there”

Watch above via Fox News.

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