David Zurawik Wrecks ‘Amoral’ Trump Over Cummings Fight: A ‘Sick Person’ Who’s Gone Down the ‘Road of Evil’


David Zurawik, a media critic for The Baltimore Sun, called Donald Trump “sick,” “amoral” and “evil” on CNN as he reacted to the president’s feud with Congressman Elijah Cummings (D-MD).

Zurawik joined April Ryan and Brian Stelter on Sunday to talk about how the Sun’s editorial board refuted Trump’s insults against Cummings and the portion of Baltimore within his congressional district. As he celebrated the blowback to Trump’s tweets, Zurawik was asked by Stelter “can you actually meet Trump with facts or does that matter at all? I’m not sure facts matter in this debate.”

“I think if you have facts with moral outrage and I think that’s what scares Trump about Congressman Cummings, the moral outrage he voices from that pulpit he has on the Oversight Committee,” Zurawik said. “Some days I think I don’t have an ounce of vitriol left to deal with this man, but then he comes up with something like this and we respond. We can’t ignore him. You want to ignore him because he’s a sick person, who even when we denounce him he’s happy because at least we notice him and he thinks he’s controlling things and he’s important.”

The panel conversation continued with a discussion about whether journalists can ignore Trump’s tweets and attempts to attack Cummings for his work as House Oversight Committee Chairman. After Ryan assailed Trump for not presenting an urban renewal plan to tackle Baltimore’s city problems, Zurawik got back in the conversation when asked whether if there’s any real chance Trump will change while he watches Fox News.

His response:

“We’re not going to correct him. He’s not going to change. He’s so far down this road of evil, he’s not going to change. We can change voters’ minds for 2020. That’s what we can do if we keep speaking forcefully and we talk about morality. Journalists do not talk enough about morality because we think people will think we’re biased. We need to keep talking about it because we have an amoral president and administration right now.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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