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Days After MH17 Crash, Unrecovered Bodies Decompose in Rebel-Held Ukraine

Two days after a missile took down a Malaysia Airlines jet, soldiers in rebel-held Eastern Ukraine are refusing to let inspectors secure the crash site — much less obtain the remains of the 298 people on board.

CNN was the first network to arrive on the scene, and while speaking with Don Lemon last night, correspondent Phil Black described a horrifying scene of decomposing bodies, “so many of them,” scattered across miles of countryside: “Some by the fields. Some by the roads…it’s quite disturbing.” A separate CNN report detailed the clothing people were dressed in, and that one body was found still buckled in its seat with in-flight headphones.

“We have to be careful where we point the camera, because there are so many things here we can’t show you,” Black acknowledged.

Black also reported a very limited recovery effort, hampered by the unwillingness of rebel militia to let any forensic inspectors through, and described the entire area as virtually lawless.

“It just seems so terribly underdone,” he said, pointing out that the CNN camera crew was, unusually, standing extremely close to the wreckage. “There’s been no effort to begin the investigation, and crucially, no effort to really begin removing these bodies with care and dignity.”

Watch below via CNN:

[Image via screenshot]

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