De’Andre Johnson’s Lawyer: We Never Said He Was Provoked


Jose Baez, the attorney for now-former FSU quarterback De’Andre Johnson, spoke to NBC News yesterday and appeared to indicate that Johnson was provoked before punching a woman in a nightclub two weeks ago. Baez said the woman had made racial slurs and swatted at Johnson several times before he struck back.

That led to this:

Perhaps Baez follows Fournier, because he used almost those exact words this morning with CNN’s New Day.

“There is no excuse for this,” Baez said Wednesday morning. “If there’s misinterpretation that is some way our message, that is not true.”

“Things get twisted and turned around quite a bit when you make statements in the media,” Baez said, auditioning for Comms Director of a 2016 campaign. “What I said, specifically, was that he was not the initial aggressor. I think the video clearly shows that. That’s an aspect for the legal case, not for the moral situation that De’Andre finds himself in. That’s something he clearly recognizes. So, when it’s said that he says he was provoked, that is untrue.”

Johnson was charged with batteryand kicked off FSU’s team after the video emerged earlier this week. It’s the second major instance of player misconduct for the team, after Jameis Winston was accused of sexual assault.

Watch below, via CNN:

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