‘Debate Marriage Proposal’ Segment Goes From Sweet to Awkward…to Weird

On MSNBC Live this morning, anchor Tom Roberts thought he was introducing an airy bit of news cotton candy in the story of Providence, RI mayoral candidate Chris Young‘s mid-debate marriage proposal to girlfriend Kara Russo. The segment turned awkward in a hurry, though, as Young proceeded to read disjointed talking points off of a crib sheet.

The charm wore off when Young began a weird diatribe about “the Church,” coached his fiancée to say “just like Jesus,” and revealed that the whole thing was a defense of opposite marriage. The real surprise, though, is how MSNBC could have been so caught off guard.

You see, Young ended Wednesday sweetly proposing marriage during a live debate, but he began it by administering some singing-as-aversion-therapy to a local morning show host. Had poor Tom Roberts’ producer bothered to read Mediaite yesterday, he might have been prepared for the awkwardness. A quick Google search would also have revealed that Young was ejected from a July debate for showing up with a statue of the Virgin Mary.

If they had, though, then we would have been denied Roberts’ priceless, hapless reactions, as he just tries to get through the segment and out the other side:

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