Dee Dee Myers: Dems ‘Too Giddy’ Over Polls Showing Voters Losing Faith in GOP

Former press secretary for President Bill Clinton, Dee Dee Myers, told the hosts of MSNBC’s Now that Democrats run the risk of becoming “too giddy” over polls which show the public losing faith in Republicans. She said that the fundamentals of the national electorate still favor smaller government. A competitive Republican candidate in 2016, Myers added, could capitalize on that sentiment.

In a discussion about the Republican Party’s 2016 prospects, Myers pointed out that the presidential primary process is long and defining. No matter the party’s circumstances going into that process, often the eventual nominee is ultimately more identified by that process than how their party is broadly viewed by the national electorate.

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“I do think that Democrats get way too giddy when they see all this, you know, what’s going on,” Myers added. “There are still a majority of Americans who think government is too big, that we spend too much, that, you know, it’s large and in too many people’s lives.”

“There is a huge swath for Republicans to occupy,” she continued, “And if Democrats don’t, sort of, get smart about that and take advantage of this and not over-read and not over-interpret what we’re seeing — it’s a good place to be but not a slam-dunk.”

Watch the clip below via MSNBC:

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