Defending While Intoxicated? DWI Attorney Shows Up To Court Drunk

What if you showed up for your drunk driving hearing and your lawyer was drunk? That was what one New Mexico defendant experienced this past week when 69-year-old DWI attorney showed up in court with a blood alcohol level of 0.11, over the legal limit to drive, let alone try a case in court.

According to a report from Albuquerque’s KOAT-TV, attorney John Higgins was “disruptive” in the courtroom and had trouble standing, prompting the judge in the case he was trying to order a blood alcohol test. When the results showed he was intoxicated, she held him in contempt of court and he was ultimately sent to the hospital.

Higgins was himself arrested for driving while intoxicated back in 2009 and spent 48 hours in jail. Then, in 2010 he was accused of allegedly hitting his wife with his car, a charge that was eventually dismissed. His lawyer told reporters Higgins has suffered from “alcohol issues” for years.

Watch video below, via KOAT-TV:

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