comScore Stephen Lynch: Will We Just Let 'Strongman' Trump Do Anything

Dem Congressman on Impeachment: Will We Act Like ‘Russia and North Korea’ and ‘Let the Strongmen Do What They Want?’

Congressman Stephen Lynch (D- MA) said that there may be a “greater danger of leaving this president in office” as he defended the House impeachment process Wednesday.

Jim Sciutto questioned Lynch about CNN polling showing that, between October and now, the percentage of respondents who think Trump should be impeached and removed has not changed from 50.

Lynch said for Democrats, this isn’t a choice because “if this isn’t impeachable conduct, if this is not impeachable conduct, then nothing is.”

“This is an attempt to undermine our democracy,” he continued. “What are we about in this country? Are we just going to say, ‘Okay, we’re going to be like Russia and North Korea where, okay, we let the strongmen do what they want and we have no rule of law’?”

Lynch even argued “there’s a greater danger leaving this president in office than taking him out through the legal impeachment process.”

You can watch above, via CNN.

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