Dem Congressman: Trump ‘Hasn’t Been Exonerated by Anybody Except His Own Hired Henchman’

Democratic Rep. Steve Cohen made it clear he does not think that President Donald Trump has been exonerated.

In fact, he says the only one who says Trump’s cleared is his “own hired henchman.”

Cohen’s remarks followed MSNBC host Chris Matthews airing a clip from Chris Wallace‘s interview with Kellyanne Conway from over the weekend.

During that interview, Conway struggled to explain how the president is claiming exoneration when he has not actually been cleared.

“Congressman, let me know what you think of that,” Matthews said at the end of the clip. “There is the president’s chief communications person unable to explain the obvious — the president’s not clear. He hasn’t been cleared. Not by Mueller, certainly.”

Cohen replied: “He hasn’t been exonerated by anybody except his own hired henchman.”

He continued on: “As he sit here, Steve Scalise is speaking right behind me and it’s nauseating to listen to the Republicans spin what they’re spinning just after they all voted two weeks ago to release the Mueller report. All but four who abstained said the Mueller report should be made public. Now they’re finding every excuse to not make it public and talking about Hillary Clinton and talking about FBI agents.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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