Democratic Congresswoman Says Obama Was Just ‘Tired’ After Dealing With Important Issues

Colorado congresswoman Diana Degette appeared on MSNBC Thursday afternoon, where host Andrea Mitchell asked her “what happened” to Barack Obama during the previous night’s Denver debate.

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Degette thought that the President “looked tired” during the debate, guessing that his work schedule and dealing with both domestic and foreign issues was weighing on him. In fact, she took issue with previous guest John Sununu‘s assertion that the President was “lazy,” calling the comment offensive. In addition, she felt that Mitt Romney had looked overly “aggressive” during the presidential debate.

Degette felt that Romney had been too vague when discussing his policies and promises, despite Mitchell pointing out that critics on either side of the aisle thought both candidates had not gone into enough detail when defending their policies and ideas. The Congresswoman also said she “didn’t know” why Obama had not brought up women’s issues the night before, but pointed out that there are more debates to come.

Watch, via MSNBC:

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