Dem Presidential Hopeful Jay Inslee Goes On Fox & Friends to Directly Challenge Trump to Release Tax Returns

Washington governor and 2020 Democratic candidate Jay Inslee is challenging President Donald Trump to finally release his tax returns.

Inslee joined Fox & Friends on Friday to talk about his climate change-oriented campaign and his thoughts on the Green New Deal. He started things off however by announcing that he just released 12 years of tax returns and financial disclosure forms, and now he thinks Trump ought to do the same.

“I’m challenging Donald Trump on his favorite show to release his tax returns like I did this morning,” Inslee said. “It is time for him to come clean with the American people. He has to show what he is been hiding, and Americans deserve that truth.”

Since Trump is known to watch Fox & Friends all the time and tweets out his favorite moments on a regular basis, it would seem Inslee made a direct appeal to the president on this.

Trump’s tax returns have been a subject of political scrutiny ever since the 2016 election because he’s the only president in modern history to refuse the release of his returns. The president has reneged on promises to release his returns after an IRS audit, and critics frequently attack him on this issue and argue that his returns are the key to figuring out where his financial interests lie.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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