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Dem Questions Hillary’s 2016 Chances: She’ll ‘Die by 1000 Cuts’ on Emails

The former head of the South Carolina Democratic state party is very audibly questioning Hillary Clinton‘s 2016 chances amid the ongoing scandal over her personal email use. Dick Harpootlian told The Washington Post in an interview yesterday that with Hillary, “there’s always another shoe to drop.”

He said, “The fact that she’s already turned e-mails to the Benghazi committee because she was doing official business on it means she’s going to die by 1,000 cuts on this one.”

Harpootlian questioned a Clinton 2016 run, and continued to do so on CNN today. He told Jake Tapper that the big question is if “we want to be dealing with this” and whether the Democrats really want to coronate a “secretive” candidate under so much scrutiny. He asked, “Is that what we want in a presidential candidate?”

He briefly mentioned Joe Biden in an aside about candidates who could take on Clinton and win, but it should be noted that Harpootlian is a big backer of a Biden 2016 candidacy.

Watch the video below, via CNN:

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