Dem Rep Blasts Trump for Ordering Deportation of Immigrants Getting Life-Saving Medical Treatment: ‘Sociopath in the White House’


Democratic Congressman Mark DeSaulnier (Calif.) blasted the Trump administration for sending out deportation orders to sick immigrants who are getting life-saving medical treatment in the US and said “We have a sociopath in the White House.”

Speaking with MSNBC’s Joy Reid, the California Congressman, who sits on the House Oversight Committee, pointed to the case of 24-year-old Guatemalan immigrant Maria Isabel Bueso. Seventeen years ago, Bueso was invited to the US by the federal government to get treatment for her rare and chronic genetic disease and her years-long participation in treatment and clinical trials eventually helped the Food and Drug Administration develop a medication to treat it. But the Trump administration has now ended the previous immigration policy of medical deferred action, jeopardizing Bueso’s legal status in the country.

“She can’t get the treatment if she’s forced to go back to Guatemala,” DeSaulnier noted. “The [deportation] letter said they would be forced to go back to Guatemala by September 14. We are running against that time. Trying to get information from these departments has been very frustrating to say the least.”

Reid put the situation in stark terms. “If someone dies as a result of this policy, what will Congress do about it?”

“We are introducing a bill on Monday specifically for her,” DeSaulnier explained. “Mostly, we’re trying to get attention to somebody in leadership in the White House to realize what they’re doing. They are sentencing this young woman, who has been here legally and was invited by the federal government, they are sentencing her to death.”

The Congressman noted that the House also tried to withhold funding for ICE deportations, but a compromise Senate version passed instead.

“We got in a battle over that. We have to try to hold them accountable,” he told Reid. “I’m of the opinion that until a federal judge holds the [acting DHS] Secretary in contempt of a federal court and puts them in jail, nothing is going to happen. We have a sociopath in the White House. He acts like a mobster rather than a president.”

Watch the video above, via MSNBC.

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