Dem Rep. Commends GOP-Led Senate Intel Committee for Don Jr Subpoena: ‘Thank God There’s Some Bipartisanship’

Rep. Pramila Jayapal offered her thanks to God after the Republicans showed a bit of bipartisanship and issued a subpoena to Donald Trump Jr. to appear in front of the Republican-led Senate Intelligence Committee.

The First Son has been called in front of the committee to answer questions about his previous testimony to Senate investigators regarding the Russian investigation.

Speaking with CNN Wolf Blitzer on Wednesday, Jayapal was asked to respond to the issuing of the subpoena.

“Well, my first reaction was thank God there’s some bipartisanship,” she replied. “I’ve been so disappointed in my Republican colleagues who just refuse to understand or support the foundations that they were sworn in to support, the Constitution. So I’m glad that there’s some bipartisanship in the Senate.”

She added: “But his, Don Jr.’s refusal to testify or to plead the fifth is just another example. You know, Wolf, if Attorney General Barr had come in last week to testify before us, my whole line of questioning was going to be around ongoing obstruction of justice. And I see these attempts, Don Jr. refusing to testify, the President denying subpoenas, authorized subpoenas, the President refusing to allow witnesses to testify, that is all ongoing obstruction of justice and incredibly dangerous for our Constitution and our democracy.”

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