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Dem Rep. Continues Slamming WH for ‘Disturbing’ Avoidance of ‘Radical Islam’ Label

Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard, a Democrat serving on the House Armed Services Committee, continued today to be one of the strongest Democratic critics of the Obama administration’s refusal to openly speak of radical Islamic terrorism. On CNN last week, Gabbard said it’s “frustrating” that the White House will not identify radical Islam specifically as a threat, a criticism that has largely come from the right.

She reiterated that same criticism again today with Wolf Blitzer, this time in reaction to Secretary of State John Kerry arguing this morning against using that label. Kerry said you can’t label terrorism as such because many Muslims reject that kind of horrible violence and you cannot “blame Muslims collectively” for the actions of radicals.

Gabbard argued that it’s hard to fight against ideologues when the White House won’t fully acknowledge what the enemy’s radical ideology is. Blitzer asked if she’s heard anything from the White House since she called them out last week. Gabbard said she did not.

And she completely stood by her criticism that it’s “really unfortunate and disturbing” for the White House to continue to avoid those words. Gabbard argued, “Words are an expression of understanding and feelings and intention.”

Watch the video below, via CNN:

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