Dem Rep. David Cicilline: ‘This President is a National Security Risk’

Rep. David Cicilline warned that President Donald Trump is a risk to national security on Monday.

Speaking with Wolf Blitzer on CNN, the member of the House Judiciary Committee was responding to a question about the firing of the Secret Service head and how much of a threat does a security breach like the Chinese woman carrying malware who entered Mar-a-Lago pose.

Cicilline said the risk was “significant.”

He then stressed the problem seems to be Trump is not taking security seriously.

“This president is a national security risk,” Cicilline stressed. “It seems he doesn’t take seriously the security measures that are in place. This is someone who shared classified information with the Russians about ongoing operations while meeting with them in the Oval Office. He was at a public meeting with President Xi at Mar-a-Lago and uses an unsecured phone. There was information that that was picked up….This seems like a president who doesn’t understand the dangers of these kind of breaches.”

The congressman then continued on: “To have a Chinese national with no explanation to with a thumb drive on the grounds of Mar-a-Lago who lied about why he’s there…This is very alarming. This is where the president is with the key leaders in his administration and we should all be concerned about that kind of a breach.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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