Dem Rep. Castro Floats Wild Theory: Khashoggi Was Killed After Kushner Gave Saudi Crown Prince a ‘Hit List’


On CNN this morning, Congressman Joaquin Castro claimed there is reporting out there that Jared Kushner may have some involvement in the killing of Jamal Khashoggi.

“Let me get to the point that I think is most disturbing right now,” he told anchor Poppy Harlow, when asked for his reaction to Khashoggi’s murder. “The reporting that Jared Kushner may have, with U.S. Intelligence, delivered a hit list, an enemies list, to the crown prince, to MBS in Saudi Arabia and that the prince then may have acted on that and one of the people he took action against is Mr. Khashoggi. And if that’s the case…”

Harlow immediately jumped in to say, “Just to be clear, congressman, we don’t have––I just want to be clear for our viewers, we do not have that reporting. I’m not sure where you’re getting that from.”

Castro claimed “there has been reporting to that effect” and said “that needs to be investigated.”

It’s unclear what reporting he’s referring to. In a deep dive into the connection between Kushner and the crown prince, The Intercept reported back in March that after a meeting between the two men in 2017, the crown prince “told confidants that Kushner had discussed the names of Saudis disloyal to the crown prince.”

“On November 4, a week after Kushner returned to the U.S., the crown prince, known in official Washington by his initials MBS, launched what he called an anti-corruption crackdown,” The Intercept reported. A spokesperson for Kushner vehemently denied the reporting.

Nonetheless, Castro made a very specific claim about Khashoggi that is not in that report.

You can watch above, via CNN.

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