Dem Rep. Gets Aggressive Over Sandy Aid: ‘Time To Stop Debating And Take The Gloves Off, Jersey Style’

Democratic House Representative Bill Pascrell (D-NJ) took on the GOP refusal to pass a bill that would aid victims of Hurricane Sandy, telling the House floor, “It’s time to stop debating and takes the gloves off, Jersey style.”

“I don’t think that this is time for a pedantic debate,” he said. “As we say in Jersey, it’s time, calmly, coolly, to take the gloves off.”

Pascrell outlined the history of the precedent that exists for the situation and told the representatives it had been done before, during Hurricane Katrina.

“Mr. Cantor voted for Katrina aid. Mr. Boehner did. Mr. Ryan did. Mr. McCarthy did. As did nearly every member of the Congress from the New Jersey, New York region.”

He noted that New York and New Jersey are two of the biggest “donor states,” in that they “send a lot of taxes” to the Federal government.

“Now, we need our colleagues to step up to the plate,” he said.

Pascrell called the GOP leadership “schizophrenic” in their votes on the issue of disaster relief to states. “Let’s call it for what it is,” he said. “Let’s not mince words.”

He said the states don’t have the ability to rebuild alone and called for support for the House.

Watch the full clip below, via C-SPAN:

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