Dem Rep. Jim Himes Praises Trump for His ‘Change in Tone’ Towards Saudia Arabia


During a segment on S.E. Cupp‘s Unfiltered on Saturday, Democratic Rep. Jim Hines offered a rare bit of praise for President Donald Trump.

“The president today said there are many possibilities for what the U.S. could do in retaliation for potential Saudi involvement in this disappearance,” host Cupp started out. “What more do you want to hear from the president?”

Hines responded by saying this: “Let me do something I’m not in the habit of doing which is actually praise the president for his change in tone with respect to Saudi Arabia’s possible involvement in this, what appears to be pretty brutal murder.”

He continued on: “I would have used different words than the president used. This is not us really punishing somebody. We’re not an international court or some kind of global parent. What we are or at least should aspire to be is to be out front in leading on basic values and ethics, like, you don’t kill journalists anywhere, much less in a foreign country.”

On Saturday, Trump who previously seemed hesitant to call out Saudi Arabia after the disappearance of Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi, vowed “severe punishment” if, in fact, it was found Khashoggi died at Saudi hands.

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