Dem Rep. on Trump’s Fitness for Office: If Viewers ‘Want to Google Narcissistic Personality Disorder…’

On CNN’s Outfront tonight, Congresswoman Karen Bass told Kate Bolduan she has concerns about President Trump‘s fitness for office.

Bolduan brought up a commission being proposed by some others Democrats that would, according to NBC News, do the following:

The commission would evaluate whether Trump or the president at the time “is temporarily or permanently impaired by physical illness or disability, mental illness, mental deficiency, or alcohol or drug use to the extent that the person lacks sufficient understanding or capacity to execute the powers and duties of the office of President.”

Tonight the California Democrat weighed in on this question by saying the following:

“I think it’s very frightening to say, but if any of the viewers want to Google ‘narcissistic personality disorder,’ I’m very concerned about his fitness to be the President as well. And maybe a commission is the way to get at it.”

Bolduan asked her if it’s going “too far” for Democrats to be raising questions like these.

“There are thousands of psychiatrists and psychologists that are raising concern,” Bass responded. She said the Democrats’ focus should be on issues like the Russia investigations, but added that one of Trump’s problems is that he “lies pathologically.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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