Dem Rep. Says Strzok Should Get ‘Purple Heart’ for Enduring Hearings Designed for ‘People Who Watch Fox News’


If I could give Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN) an Emmy, I would. He deserves one for delivering the most over-the-top and melodramatic exchange with FBI Agent Peter Strzok so far, in a committee hearing already defined by over-the-top melodrama and made-for-TV outbursts. A high bar.

“I don’t know where to start,” he started.

“If I could give you a purple heart, I would. You deserve one,” he said to Strzok. “This has been an attack on you and the way to attack Mr. Mueller, and the investigation that is to get at Russia, collusion involved in our election which is what this committee should be looking at.”

Cohen characterized the hearing reviewing bias in the conduct of Strzok as “a direct strike at democracy and what this country is about, free and fair elections, Keeping us independent of who is our foe, not our, you know, our competitor, our foe.”

The Tennessee congressman listed the many terrible attributes of Russian foreign policy and then offered what approached a hagiographic review of Strzok’s career with the FBI, saying more than once to Strzok that “you’ve dedicated most of your life” to fighting Russia and Vladimir Putin and attempts to undermine democracy.

He said it was “astonishing” that Strzok was “on trial” and that “this is what the Russians want”, and for the grand finale said the entire thing was designed just for Fox News viewers.

“The Russians are loving it, because this is what they want. This is what they want. You’d think it was Benghazi. It was a never-ending television show from Congress that got nowhere except trying to influence the people that watch Fox News, and that’s what this is about,” he said.

Watch the clip above, courtesy of Fox News.

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