Dem Rep. Seth Moulton: Democratic Party Is ‘Literally in the Worst Position’ Since 1920s


While appearing on CNN on Friday night, Democrat Congressman Seth Moulton of Massachusetts said the Democratic Party is “literally in the worst position as a party since the the 1920s.”

Moulton made the following remarks while discussing “the soul of the Democratic group” with Prime Time host Chris Cuomo:

“I think it’s time for an entire new generation of leadership in the Democratic Party. We have to look at ourselves in mirror and realize that Trump may be terrible but if we can’t bet him and we are literally in the worst position as a party since the the 1920s, which is where we are today, then we have to make reforms ourselves. I think a new generation of leaders will come from many different corners of the party.”

He continued by saying that “because of Trump, because of the threat to our country,” many veterans are also running for public positions — a move that Moulton, a Marine Corps veteran himself, wholeheartedly supports.

“I initially started with veterans and not just military veterans by the way but national service veterans, people who have been willing to put the country first, willing to put people before politics, and in many cases literally put lives on the line for the country before,” he added.

Watch above, via CNN.

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