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Dem Rep. Swalwell Clashes With Tucker Carlson Over FBI Informant: ‘If They Didn’t Have Probable Cause, I’d Be Pissed’

Tucker Carlson hosted his recurring nemesis Eric Swalwell (D-CA) on his show tonight, and they held an extended, furious, and at-times unintelligible discussion over whether the FBI actually ran covert operations on President Trump‘s 2016 campaign.

The conversation started shortly after Carlson concluded his monologue trashing New York Times and Washington Post for their coverage of this issue. When Swalwell joined Carlson, the Fox host asked the congressman if he’d be okay with someone on his political campaign reporting to the FBI.

Swalwell’s response: “If they didn’t have probable cause, I’d be pissed.”

The two continued to mix it up from there, and when Carlson asked if Swalwell was bothered by the circumstances of the investigation, the congressman answered with “I’ve seen the evidence, I don’t accept the premise of your question.”

“There’s a multiplicity of different individuals who saw concerning things,” Swalwell said. “Judges who signed off on FISA applications…”

Swalwell proceeded to bash Trump’s “improper” meeting today with Rod Rosenstein and contesting the Fox host’s claim that no judge authorized the FBI’s informant. Swalwell said he would approve any investigation to make sure foreign adversaries aren’t interfering with American political institutions, and he and Carlson continued to have at it in a very muddled and fiery debate over whether the FBI acted appropriately.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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