Sen. Sherrod Brown Calls on Trump to Stop ‘Racist Divisive Talk’: White Supremacists ‘Feel Empowered With This President’

Following yesterday’s horrific mass shooting in El Paso, there was another mass shooting in Dayton, Ohio.

Senator Sherrod Brown spoke with Jake Tapper, who asked if there’s any information yet about the identity or motive of the gunman. Brown said they know it was a young white male.

Tapper asked, “Is there any reason to believe that there is any connection whatsoever between what happened in El Paso and what happened in Dayton, either a copycat or a similar white supremacist ideology, is there any indication as of now?”

“I have no way of knowing that,” Brown responded.

He did continue on by calling out President Donald Trump‘s rhetoric:

“I would just hope the president would begin to try to — would stop the divisive racist rhetoric that he has employed increasingly. He did it in the campaign in ’16. Many thought that would be enough to keep him from winning, but more importantly he does it even more now, and I just remember what Barack Obama did after Sandy Hook and what Barack Obama did after Charleston. He went there. His job was to heal the country and to comfort people, the victim and families and comfort the whole country and to heal the country. And I go back to President Bush… after 9/11, he went to a mosque and he said Muslims didn’t attack our country, terrorists did. And I wish the President of the United States would show the leadership of either of his predecessors and stop the racist divisive talk and start the healing process.”

Tapper asked if he agrees with the notion that the president’s rhetoric causes violence.

“I don’t know. I can’t prove anything,” Brown responded. “But I do know that we’ve had two presidents, the two preceding presidents who have dealt with terrible terrorism and mass shootings, tried to heal and this president doesn’t. I don’t — I mean, I know that white supremacists feel empowered with this president.”

You can watch above, via CNN.

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