Dem Senate Candidate Claims He’s an Immigrant During Interview (No, He’s Not)

MurphyFlorida Democratic senatorial candidate Patrick Murphy claimed during an interview with Hispanic news channel Fusion Wednesday that he was an immigrant, despite the fact that, well, he’s not.

The Florida Congressman was responded to Donald Trump‘s anti-immigration rhetoric. “The fact that he’s trying to divide the country, we are stronger as one, as a united country,” he told Jorge Ramos. “That’s what makes this country so beautiful and so unique.”

“You know, you think of the Statue of Liberty, right? And all of us– I’m an immigrant,” he continued. “We’re all basically immigrants here. And you think of that beacon of hope, of opportunity, and Trump is tearing that apart and that is scary to me.”

Except Murphy is not an immigrant. Per his House bio, “Patrick was born and raised in Florida, spending most of his childhood along the South Florida coast.”

The immigrant population is a crucial voting bloc in Florida, a state where 19.5% of the population were born outside of the United States. Murphy’s likely general election opponent, Republican Senator Marco Rubio, has often made inroads in that community by speaking about his experience as the son of immigrants.

Watch above, via Fusion.

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