comScore Dem Senator Chris Coons: Trump Has ‘Shallow Understanding of Recent History’

Dem Senator Chris Coons: Trump Has ‘Shallow Understanding of Recent History’

Senator Chris Coons defended Joe Biden from criticisms today he’s “declining” and said President Donald Trump isn’t listening to the advice he’s getting.

“I am concerned that our President isn’t listening to his generals, to his diplomats, to the intelligence community,” Coons told CBS’ Margaret Brennan. He touted James Mattis‘ resignation over Trump’s “tendency to make abrupt decisions without knowing the context or the region, and without relying on the advice of the skilled diplomats and generals we have.”

At one point Brennan asked Coons what Biden’s plan is on Afghanistan.

Coons said he couldn’t speak to specifics, but added, “I know that unlike our current president he would rely upon and listen to the advice of generals and diplomats. I also think that he’s learned from his experience.”

He invoked Mattis again and said, “One of the things I most respect about General Mattis is how deeply read he is in history. One of my concerns about our current President is his shallow understanding of recent history.”

Coons also dismissed the concern raised by Tim Ryan that Biden is “declining” and lacks clarity when he speaks. He touted Biden’s standing in the polls and how “he is the person who I think can actually deliver the change that our middle class is looking for.”

You can watch above, via CBS.

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