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Dem Senator to CNN: ‘Nuclear Option’ Will Not Create ‘Ill Will’ Between Parties

In a Friday morning interview with CNN’s New Day, Democratic Sen. Tim Kaine declared that the Senate’s new filibuster rules, instituted via “nuclear option” on Thursday, will not create any “ill will” between Republicans and Democrats.

“There’s no reason that changing this to majority rule on appointments will create ill will,” he told host Chris Cuomo. “State legislative bodies, Senates do this every day. They find ways to work together, people of good will will find ways to work together here.”

While serving as the Democratic Lt. Governor of Virginia from 2001 to 2005, Kaine presided over the state’s senate body.” We didn’t have filibuster. We didn’t have cloture. We did things on a majority vote,” he told CNN Friday.

“I have worked in a legislative body that operated by majority rule and we worked together fine,” he continued. “This will not make anything worse. You can work together in a majority rule situation, just like you can with filibusters, holds and clotures. I actually believe that the Senate rules were impeding us working together.”

And look,” he concluded, “the Senate this year has passed historic immigration reform. We passed a historic Marketplace Fairness Act last week, we passed the historic bill that guarantee LGBT Americans couldn’t be discriminated against in the workplace. The Senate is doing things. We are reaching across the aisle and solving problems. This will not change that in one respect.”

Watch below, via CNN:

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