Dem Senator: ‘Wrong and Hurtful’ To Call Trump Illegitimate, Plays Into Russia’s Hands

Democratic West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin criticized his fellow party members Monday morning, arguing that calling president-elect Donald Trump illegitimate and not attending his inauguration was exactly what the Russians wanted.

“When they keep talking about non-legitimacy, that bothers me from this standpoint here; first of all, there is no indication whatsoever that any votes were tampered with, any voting machines were tampered with whatsoever anywhere in the United States,” he said on CNN’s New Day.

“The intent of the Russians has always been– under the Soviet control back in the ’70s they were always trying to be involved and influence our elections. We’ve never seen it to this degree… they’ve really gone more aggressively this time than ever before. They weren’t successful,” he continued.

So all of this discord that we see going on between congressmen not attending, people basically saying he is not legitimate, basically then the Russians have accomplished what they tried to accomplish,” Manchin argued. “I just think it’s wrong and it’s hurtful for the United States of America.”

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