Democalypse 2012: Jon Stewart Chronicles The Stages Of The Gaffe-Centric News Cycle

Jon Stewart took a close look at Democalypse 2012 on Monday night — narrowing in on the political equivalent of the circle of life: the gaffe-centric news cycle.

In the olden days, a single gaffe could continue to make the rounds for months, even years. Indeed, a world lightyears away from our current state of affairs. To drive the point home, Stewart helpfully put together a quick roundup of the gaffe upon gaffe upon gaffe that the news cycle has been stuck on. The spotlight, of course, being on President Obama‘s “private sector is doing just fine” remark. There, a gaffe was born. And “within minutes the gaffe is being nurtured and fed in the hopes that one day it becomes a mature talking point.”

Obama then walked back the comment. End of story? Alas, the plot thickens! In responding to the gaffe, Mitt Romney made his own gaffe in criticizing Obama’s saying we need more policemen, firefighters and teachers.

And then there’s the unspoken gaffe. With Romney’s ad about restoring America evidently featuring no minorities being Exhibit A. What all the gaffes have in common: the “gaffe-stronomists” in the media are eager to pick them apart.

Take a look, via Comedy Central:

Part 1:

Part 2:

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