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Democrat, Republican Battle Tea Partier on CNN Over Whether GOP Shut Down Government

On Monday night’s Out Front with Erin Burnett, a prominent Republican and Democratic commentator went after a Tea Party leader following her assertion it was not Republicans in Congress but President Barack Obama and Democrats who shut down the federal government.

Burnett began by asking Tea Party Express Chair Amy Kramer if she thought shutting down the government over Obamacare was worth it given the fact that it look unlikely that Republican will be able to secure any major reforms to that program.

“I don’t believe that the Republicans shut down the government,” Kramer replied. “Obamacare is a job killing program that we can’t afford.”

The Daily Beast’s John Avlon said the shutdown was compelled by House Republicans and that it was not worth it. “To pretend it’s a win, or to pass the other buck and say this was [Sen.] Harry Reid’s plot all along, isn’t dealing with reality,” he said.

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Burnett asked Democratic strategist Hilary Rosen if she thought President Obama had exhibited leadership during the shutdown fight. “He’s been the stalwart that’s, you know, forced this deal as it’s happening right now,” Rosen asserted.

She added that she thought Kremer’s rhetoric foreshadowed a tougher fight needed in order to pass a deal to reopen the government and raise the debt ceiling than many predict.

“I think all of us would agree here that our government cannot keep functioning this way,” Kremer said. “We have a $17 trillion debt and it’s not acceptable.”

“This whole kamikaze kabuki has actually increased costs,” Avlon shot back. “It has not actually helped deal with the deficit and debt. If we’re serious about that, that’s when you go to conference.”

Rosen insisted that the deficit has decreased dramatically and the Republicans have won a victory by forcing the Democrats to accept sequester-level cuts to the budget. She

Watch the segment below via CNN:

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