Democratic Congressman: ‘Capitalism By Itself Is Not What American Values Are All About’

Rep. Charlie Rangel (D-NY) took a swipe at American capitalism on Tuesday amid a discussion with MSNBC anchor Thomas Roberts about the Catholic Church’s ongoing conclave to determine who will be the next Pope. Rangel declared that the church needs a new pontiff in order to continue their global charitable works and that Americans support that charity because Americans do not value “capitalism by itself.”

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Rangel was asked what qualities he hoped to see in the new Pope, to which Rangel replied that he hopes the church would “stick by their guns with same-sex marriage and telling a woman what they should do with their body.”

“The poor are waiting to hear from their voices,” Rangel added. “The sick are waiting to hear from the church. The kids who need education are waiting to hear. And peace should be the predominant role that any religion plays.”

“It’s time for reform within the Catholic Church, and also for the spiritual community to have their voices heard,” Rangel concluded, “because, capitalism by itself is not what American values are all about.”

Watch the clip below via MSNBC:

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