Democratic Congressman Grilled By Fox Anchor on Impeachment: Are You Being ‘Self-Indulgent?’


Rep. John Garamendi said he would love to give Sen. Mitch McConnell a “big, swift kick” to bring forty bills to a vote which he says are currently sitting in the Senate, when Fox News’ Harris Faulkner said he could get called “self-indulgent” by spending time pursuing an impeachment inquiry instead of on other issues.

“Congressman, are you at risk of being called self-indulgent if you pursue past the point people want you to do that?” Faulkner asked. She brought up a Fox News poll showing that 48% of people want Congress to spend less time investigating Trump. 22% want Congress to spend more time and 25% say they are spending the right amount of time.

“I don’t hear anybody saying we should work through August recess to deal with what is going on on the border, which particularly touches your state of California. I hear you saying you’re going to keep investigating the President beyond the Mueller report?” Faulkner continued.

Garamendi said that there are 40 “heavy duty” bills sitting in the Senate right now. “So do you want to stick around and make sure the Senate does that? Because they’re here next week. You’re welcome to do that, nobody’s stopping you.”

“I would love to give Mitch McConnell a big, swift kick,” said Garamendi. “Nobody’s stopping you,” repeated Faulkner. “There is clarity, there is absolute fire, not smoke, fire with respect to the Mueller investigation, that will and must proceed,” said Garamendi.

Faulkner also called out Garamendi for saying he was “in the middle”of the AOC camp and the Pelosi camp.

“You hear what you’re saying, right?” said Faulkner. “In the middle between four freshmen who have yet to do anything in terms of their district, other than maybe a 14-page Green New Deal from AOC, in the middle of four relatively unknown women and the speaker of the House, that is strong.”

“Wow!” Faulkner ended the interview.

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