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Democratic Rep. Joe Crowley Gives Speechless Performance Art Presentation On House Floor

The House floor is, at times, something like a variety show, meaning that representatives from across the country can sometimes resort to gimmicks to get one another’s attention in order to have their opinions and points heard. Or, in the case of New York’s Joe Crowley (D), have their opinions read.

Crowley gave a “speechless speech” attempting to take Republicans to task for what he sees as their misplaced priorities. Warning: The highly poetic nature of the speech may make you want to snap your fingers while smoking a clove cigarette or two.

Last Fall, the American people / gave us our marching orders / Jobs Jobs Jobs / 100 Days of GOP Rule = / 0 Jobs Bills / So, If Not Jobs… / What Has the GOP Been Up To? / GOP’s Priority #1: / Cut more than 700,000 American Jobs / GOP’s Priority #2: / Take away healthcare for the people… / but keep it for themselves / Surely, a jobs bill must be priority #3… / GOP’s Priority #3: / Manipulate tax code to pursue ideological agenda… / at the expense of women & small businesses / REALLY, GOP? REALLY? / 100 DAYS IN AND GOP STILL DOESN’T GET IT / I’M… SURPRISED STUNNED SHOCKED / SPEECHLESS

Have a look:

h/t Buzzfeed

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