Democratic Rep. Snaps at Tucker Carlson in Heated Clash: ‘We Know Where Your Priorities Are’


Tucker Carlson tonight confronted a Democrat who is leaving his seat at the State of the Union empty as a silent immigration protest.

Congressman Tim Ryan (D- OH) is raising awareness about a constituent of his named Amer Othman, who was deported by ICE, saying in a statement, “President Trump must realize that when his words become public policy in places like Youngstown, families like Amer’s are ripped apart. That is why my guest seat at the State of the Union will remain empty—in honor of Amer and all those people being heartlessly targeted by the Trump Administration.”

Tonight Carlson confronted Ryan by bringing up names of people in his constituency who have died of overdoses, asking him why he wouldn’t want to raise awareness about that serious issue well.

Ryan talked about the work being done in Congress and he said he wants to “honor” people by getting things done.

Carlson pressed him again on making the issue about Othman and Ryan said he just wanted Othman to receive a “fair hearing.”

“I think what you’re describing sounds like a sad situation,” Carlson said. “There are a lot of sad situations in Ohio right now. 4000 people died of drug OD’s. 400 were deported. By a factor of 10, drug OD’s are a bigger deal, and you’re spending your time and the symbolic power you have to honor someone who was deported rather than one of your constituents who died of a drug OD.”

And then Ryan went off:

“Hey, Tucker. I’ve spent more time on the opiate epidemic in my career than you have ever, and a lot of other people that are going to be criticizing me. So I’m not taking a backseat to you or anybody else on the opiate epidemic. You tell your President and your party to fund the damn bills we try to put forth to make sure that these people can get get treatment and recovery. If you’re so concerned… with that, get your party to fund additional treatment and recovery.”

Carlson shot back at him, “We know where your priorities are.”

Ryan fired back, “We know where your priorities are, Tucker.”

As he continued to speak, Carlson cut his mic and moved on to the next guest.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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