Democratic Rep: ‘We Dropped the Ball’ on Helping Working Class, ‘We Let Our People Down’

Democratic Ohio Congressman Tim Ryan criticized his own party on MSNBC’s Morning Joe Friday for their failure to help the working class and allowing Donald Trump to frame himself as their new champion.

The former challenger to Nancy Pelosi‘s leadership said that his vision for the Democratic Party was to be the party for “everyone who takes a shower after work… we need to be the party of getting working class people back to work.”

“Sounds like what a guy ran on who’s sitting in 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue right now,” Donnie Deutch pointed out.

Ryan agreed, saying Trump successfully co-opted their message. “Part of it’s the Democrats fault. I’m more mad at the Democrats than I am with the Republicans, because we dropped the ball on this stuff. We let our people down,” he said.

The healthcare debate was the perfect opportunity to turn that around, Ryan argued. “But we also gotta have a positive plan. It can’t just be anti-Trump. Yeah, we gotta stop this health care bill. What are we going to do for working class people?”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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