On Fox, Democratic Strategist Blames Republicans And Congress: ‘What’s Happening In D.C. Is Piss Poor’

Jehmu Greene, Democratic commentator and Fox News contributor, said Tuesday that “what is happening in D.C. is piss poor and pathetic.” She slammed House Republicans for forgetting their “serious responsibility of making government work.”

The blame, she said, “doesn’t end with Republicans” but it does start with them. Greene cited the news media, freshman members of Congress, and even voters for putting “insurgents” in our legislative body.

Host Rick Folbaum asked Republican Strategist Dee Dee Benkie whether Greene’s characterization was fair, and Benkie responded that it wasn’t. “Washington is to blame,” she said, not just Republicans.

The one thing Greene and Benkie agreed on, however, was that the “solution is women.” It’s time to “get rid of men,” Green said. “Americans are fed up and they want solution-oriented problem solvers.”

“I’m with you, Jahmu,” Benkie added.

Watch the full clip below, via Fox News:

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