Dems Rebrand Health Care Law As “PPACA,” Neither Megyn Kelly Nor Alan Colmes Are Impressed

“I’m thinking starting it with ‘Pooh’ is not a good idea,” said Megyn Kelly, attempting to pronounce PPACA, the acronym for the Health Care Law’s new name, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Both she and Alan Colmes were pretty unimpressed. The two had an interesting conversation about the powers of branding and the necessity for a “sexy” moniker.

“Republicans have been much better at branding names for acts,” Colmes pointed out, using the PATRIOT Act as an example. “Oh, if you’re against that, you can’t be a patriot!” He suggested that Democrats need a Frank Luntz on their side and that they should start coming up with acronyms first and figure out the definitions later like John Chafee (accidentally confused with his son Lincoln) did with the HEART Act. Colmes tried that with his own name but only got as far as “Conservatives Only Live…”

Obviously names are important and the Democrats may have already lost this war thanks to the prevalence of “Obamacare.” Certainly PPACA isn’t going to beat that in the catchiness category. Maybe Colmes is right and Conservatives just use the power of words better. For instance, check out the subtle implications of the chyron reading “DEMS SCRAMBLING TO RENAME NEW HEALTH CARE LAW” which sat on the bottom of the screen during most of the entire segment.

Watch the clip from Fox News below:

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