Dennis Miller To Bill O’Reilly: Over Last Two Years Obama “Built A Jenga Tower Out Of BS”


Dennis Miller‘s visit to The O’Reilly Factor began with offering Bill O’reilly a preview of his upcoming radio interview with President George W. Bush.  During the interview, Bush imparted a few words of wisdom, “humor is important in life and if you can’t laugh, in other words if you take yourself so seriously . . . there’s a defect.”  Therefore, Miller clearly thinks there is something defective with former President Jimmy Carter:

Carter is out there every day yapping . . . I mean the guy never shuts up, we just have to hood him like a falcon so we can get some sleep.  Bush shuts up about the new President, I admire that about him, I think he’s an honorable man.

From there Miller, a frequent critic of President Barack Obama, surprisingly did not jump on the bandwagon of critics on the left and the right who labeled Obama as weak for compromising on the tax issue.  Instead, Miller was eager to give Obama credit for bending, although concluded he did not have much choice:

The fact is over the last two years Pelosi, Reid, [Obama], et al., all the Dems have built . . . they built a jenga tower out of BS.  When that 9.8% unemployment came in last week, that was the last piece that tipped the jenga tower.

Although Miller thinks this move to the center is what might end up getting Obama re-elected, many others still smell blood in the Democratic primary waters.  Overall, with O’Reilly agreeing that Obama’s compromise was the right decision for the folks, it almost seems, strangely enough, as if Miller and O’Reilly might be Obama’s two strongest cable news defenders.

Watch the clip from FOX News Channel’s O’Reilly Factor below:

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