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Dennis Miller To Bill O’Reilly: The Winner Of Tuesday’s GOP Debate? Barack Obama

Dennis Miller paid a visit to The Factor to announce that the clear winner of last night’s GOP debate was (drum roll please)… Barack Obama!

Miller thought that Mitt Romney managed to slip in at number two, and then said a lot of horse-related things I do not pretend to understand at all. He explained his choices:

We can’t do this twelve more times. We’re shooting inside the tent, as Roger says. It does no good for Rick Perry to sit there and call Mitt Romney on a gardener, for godsakes. And by the way, Rick, if you’re watchin: Let me go to your past gaffe and say if Mitt wasn’t hiring illegals, wouldn’t that have been “heartless” on his part? You gotta get it straight here.

Miller also had a bit of advice for his favorite candidate, Herman Cain: Stop it with the “apples and oranges” talk and have someone pound out the details of the 9-9-9 Plan.

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Oh, also:

We cannot have everybody up there like nine praying mantises in a Hellman’s jar with three air holes, breaking their antennas and spitting some tobacco on each other so they’re trying to get to the air! This is helping Obama!

“That’s an interesting, pithy analysis, Miller,” said Bill O’Reilly.

Watch the segment, from Fox News:

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