Dennis Rodman Dodges Tucker Carlson’s Attempts to Have Him Bash LeBron: ‘Let Basketball Players’ Avoid Politics


Five-time NBA champion Dennis Rodman dodged Fox News host Tucker Carlson’s attempts to get him to bash Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James for his comments criticizing an NBA general manager who praised the Hong Kong protesters.

After Carlson asked Rodman on his Thursday night show for his response to James and other NBA players who are “unwilling to tell the truth about the Chinese dictatorship,” The Worm replied with a simple answer that avoided casting blame on athletes for the NBA-China controversy that resulted in the country ceasing broadcasts of the league’s games: “I think the NBA players have an obligation to do one thing, and that’s to play sports.”

Rodman — who has a close relationship with the North Korean regime — added that NBA players may be “misinformed” about “what is really taking place right now” in Hong Kong.

The issue arose in the NBA after Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey shared a message of support for anti-Chinese regime protesters in Hong Kong earlier this month; James responded to Morey’s tweet by suggesting the NBA higher-up was ignorant about the overseas protests and the negative impact his comments could have, which the Lakers forward was widely panned for.

In response to Carlson bringing up the Xinjiang concentration camps where the country’s Muslim minority population is being sent, Rodman referred to the so-called “re-education” centers as “disgusting,” but clarified that the issue is “up to people in Washington” to speak on.

“Sports is sports,” he explained. “That’s not their concern.”

“I think LeBron James understands … let politics be politics, let the basketball players be basketball players,” the former Chicago Bulls and Detroit Pistons star concluded.

Carlson shot back by saying he didn’t “understand” what Rodman was saying and asked viewers to send him a message “if you understood any of that.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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