Dershowitz Defends Trump DOJ ‘Demand’: We ‘Don’t Know’ This Was Legitimate Investigation


Alan Dershowitz tonight defended President Trump and said he’s right to have concerns about whether there was legitimate basis for potential BI surveillance of his campaign.

“IF this had happened to Hillary Clinton,” he said on CNN tonight, “the ACLU would be jumping up and down the way they did when I was on the board of the ACLU when undercover agents were put into the anti-war movement, into [the] civil rights movement… We as civil libertarians ought to be suspicious of this.”

Jeffrey Toobin said “this was a legitimate investigation.” Dershowitz shot back, “You don’t know that.” Toobin said, “You have no evidence that it wasn’t.”

Dershowitz insisted that this is about getting to the facts here, reacting with some amusement to the idea that this may have been a way of helping the Trump team.

And then he went on to say this:

“When they sent agents [looking] into Martin Luther King during the Kennedy campaign, they said they were doing it to protect Martin Luther King from the influence of communists. They always say they’re doing it to protect the good people from the bad people. That may be true. Let’s get the facts. I’m not willing to accept an assumption that law enforcement is always legitimate.”

He again asked if people would be similarly dismissive had it been happening to the Clinton campaign or if there’s just a “lack of concern” here because it’s Trump.

Toobin shot back that the clear goal here is to “destroy” the investigation into his campaign’s Russia ties.

Watch above, via CNN.

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