Dershowitz Denounces ‘McCarthyism’ When Asked If Association With Epstein Could ‘Backfire’ During Senate Trial


ALan Dershowitz has come under renewed scrutiny given his inclusion in President Donald Trump’s impeachment legal defense.

One issue that CNN’s Brianna Keilar raised today was his association with Jeffrey Epstein. She noted to Dershowitz how both he and Ken Starr — another member of the legal team — were involved in the now-infamous Epstein plea deal.

“That’s our job,” Dershowitz said.

“Do you think that the two of you being a part of this, considering how unpalatable an association, legal association with Jeffrey Epstein is, that that could actually backfire and not serve the president?” she asked.

Dershowitz pointed to his defense of others like O.J. Simpson and Claus von Bulow and said again, “That’s what lawyers do.”

“In the case of Jeffrey Epstein and the others that you state, the victim or the alleged victim, all women,” Keilar continued, “you have a number of senators, including female senators and lot of their constituents who are female who may look at that, and they may not like that association. Do you think it will backfire?”

“No, they understand that it’s pure McCarthyism to hold a lawyer responsible for having represented controversial clients under the sixth amendment. It’s what lawyers do, it’s what lawyers should do, and I am proud of my role as a defense lawyer,” Dershowitz said. “I did nothing wrong in any of those cases.”

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