Dershowitz Slams Trump For ‘Dead Wrong’ Tweet: Comey ‘Did Not Commit Many Crimes’

Ignoring the fact that President Donald Trump tweets patently false things on the daily, Alan Dershowitz on Fox & Friends seized upon one POTUS tweet Monday, calling it “dead wrong.”

The offending tweet:

After saying that James Comey should have told the president he was wrong to his face about the Hillary Clinton probe, he contended that he would tell the president “you’re dead wrong” about the tweet he just shared.

“[Comey] did not commit many crimes,” Dershowitz said. “Let’s not try to criminalize what he did. If you don’t like what Comey did, come on the show, say you don’t like what Comey did, but don’t try to invent crimes against your political enemies.”

After some back-and-forth, Brian Kilmeade asked of the Clinton probe: “Why wouldn’t she say something that would bend the truth if the truth didn’t make her look bad? How can you draft an exoneration letter without talking to her, and say that’s the proper procedure?”

“That is not proper procedure but it is not criminal,” Dershowitz explained. “In order to charge somebody with a crime, you have to find something that is criminal.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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