DeSantis Scorches Trump for Sending ‘Congratulations’ to Kim Jong Un: A ‘Murderous Dictator’ Who Just Imprisoned ‘An Infant’ for Life


Florida Governor Ron DeSantis upped his intensity against Donald Trump by slamming the former president for congratulating North Korea’s “murderous dictator” Kim Jong Un.

Fox News’ Rich Edson and Paul Steinhauser encountered DeSantis as he was in Iowa to kick his 2024 presidential campaign into full gear. Asked what he thought of Trump congratulating Kim over North Korea’s appointment to the World Health Organization’s executive board, DeSantis said “I was surprised to see that.”

He went on:

I think, one, Kim Jong Un is a murderous dictator. They just imprisoned for life a family, including an infant, which is just outrageous. And then, the World Health Organization is a bankrupt organization. Like, Kim Jong Un is bad, but then joining that? We need to be getting out of that and rejecting the WHO lockdown treaty, and not congratulating about being involved in the WHO.

Trump’s latest fawning for Kim came in light of the news that Dr. Jong Min Pak of the North Korean Ministry of Public Health will join the WHO’s executive board with a term set to last until 2026. Trump circulated an article that criticized the WHO over the appointment because of North Korea’s numerous human rights abuses under the leadership of Kim’s family. Instead of acknowledging that, however, the ex-president posted “Congratulations to Kim Jung (sic) Un!”

Trump’s warm words for Kim were also rejected by his former vice president and upcoming 2024 rival Mike Pence, who told reporters “This is a time when we ought to make it clear to the world that we stand for freedom, and we stand with those who stand for freedom.” Nikki Haley, another of Trump’s 2024 competitors, also told Fox News “You don’t congratulate a thug. I mean, let’s keep in mind this. This thug has threatened America. It’s threatened our allies over and over again. This is not something to play with. He’s a terrible individual. He’s terrible to his people. He’s terrible to our allies in the world. And I don’t think he deserves congratulations.”

Watch above via Fox News Digital.

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